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Helping Trace

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

We recently heard through the grapevine, about a young family that needed help and reached out with our First Responder Emergency Fund, to see what we could do. His name is Trace and he is only about 4 years old and was born with one leg shorter than the other and with a foot angled to the side. His mother and brother have had to stay for months at a time in Florida at one of the few specialists that can do this surgery. His father is a Firefighter with the Hillsboro Fire Department and their resources are stretched thin. We immediately provided them with financial support with the promise of more to come. WE ARE THERE FOR OUR FAMILY OF HEROES!

Trace Davidson

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Grant Coffey
Grant Coffey
22 nov 2019

Trace is the son of Bram Davidson, a Hillsboro Firefighter. We exist to help all of our responders and are honored to be able to help their family pay for not only medical expenses for Trace, but for a vacation so they can relax and enjoy time as a family, away from the hospital and rehab settings. We have also recently given financial support to the Portland Fire and Rescue Starlight Parade and Pipes and Drums drill teams. These funds purchased sound equipment and authentic Scottish Kilts so that these teams can more effectively display the proud Fire tradition at various honoring events and ceremonies

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