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K9s SAVE (Serving American Veterans Everywhere) in the news!

Updated: Mar 14, 2021

Check out what’s happening with our most popular outreach program. We gave it this name because K9s literally can SAVE a veteran’s life. Know a vet with a pet that needs training or needs some new equipment? Let us know!

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Grant Coffey
Grant Coffey
02 déc. 2019

Update 12-02-19:

I'm holding "Raider", one of our newest puppies and was generously donated to K9s SAVE, by Country Doodle Dogs of Oregon City. I'm devastated that she is leaving our "Puppy People" program, but ecstatic that she will be part of our newest team in just a week......

She is going to be paired with Elaine McDonald, a US Air Force Veteran and our second female veteran recipient. Raider will help Elaine with stability issues and PTSD support. BTW, all of our full meal deal K9s SAVE team K9s get lifetime care from Banfield and T2H picks up the entire bill !!!


Grant Coffey
Grant Coffey
22 nov. 2019

Update 11-20-19: We just are acquiring our newest K9s SAVE pup, and are going to name him in honor of one of Keaton's mentors, GSgt AJ Nieto. AJ constantly wears Keaton's wristband and had his picture in his cover at all times while he was a Boot Camp Drill Instructor in San Diego for the USMC. This pup is a MONSTER black german shep and is being puppy raised by Jeanne Wolff. Keep checking back for a new section on the website that will detail all of our teams and their stories.

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